Music Plough Farnham

What's On At The Plough

It is renowned for its music, attracting talented musicians who come and entertain every Friday and
Saturday night! From blues to rock, and everything in between, bring your friends to enjoy a
fantastic atmosphere.

Every Wednesday we host our popular ‘Jam night’ where local musicians come down to showcase
their talents, if you are budding musician come take the stage too! If you fancy some great mid-
week entertainment come down and see what talent your local town has to offer!


What pub is complete without a quiz night?! Every other Thursday join our quizmaster to test your
knowledge! Whether you're an expert quiz buff or have been ‘living under a rock’ you are
guaranteed a fun, competitive night!


Head over to our Facebook page for more information about our events and gigs. In
2018 we will be hosting a huge range of enjoyable nights to cater for all tastes!

  • Plough Music Farnham

    The Summer PloughFest is just one of a number of amazing days that we host each year.

  • Live Music Farnham

    Weekly jam nights plus live bands every Friday and Saturday make The Plough the ultimate venue for music lovers!